This is Trish

The title says “This Is Trish”, but it’s not the way most people know Trish. You see, this is Trish being serious in front of a camera. Usually, she is all smiles and exuberance, but I made her get serious, so she would look cool for the photos. She works a few days a week across the street from the shop at The Green Earth. It’s a natural food market where I spend all of my tattoo money on $5. drinks.

I started tattooing Trish about a year ago on her peony sleeve and we have worked a pretty steady schedule since. We are now very close to being finished with two half sleeves. Just a few more finishing details and we will be on to the next project.

I do love being a tattooer. I focus a lot of my effort into learning and developing skills, but I equally enjoy getting to know my clients. I get very excited when a client I have not seen in a while contacts me about starting another project. It’s like hearing from an old friend that is coming to town.

The Informed Client

About a year ago, I Tattooed a peony on a young woman, and I guess during our session, I must have talked to her about the wisdom behind the Irezumi (Japanese) style of tattooing. I had not heard from her since. A couple of weeks ago, she came in for a consultation and had all her ducks in a row. She had been researching the Irezumi style and decided that she wanted to get a Snake wrapped up in chrysanthemums as a half sleeve. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Could it be? An informed client. Surely the times they are a-changin'.

Encounters like these are starting to become more frequent, but are still few and far between.

Thank you for being a great client.

Here is the breakdown:

.Find the style you like

.Find the artist who specializes in that style

.Go to that artist and tell them the subject in that style you like

.Let them be creative.

Or don’t let professionals do their job and get turned down by skilled tattooer and find someone who needs the money. Although truth be told, sometimes I need the money and end up doing tattoos that I think someone else could do better. This post and the entire purpose of me engaging the internet is an attempt to attract people who are the right fit for what I offer. The people who are interested in what I do and trust me to guide them get the highest quality that I have available according to my skill set.